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POPS are now stocked in London’s most famous department store! Established in 1840 and recognised for its signature green bags, Harrod’s now stocks POPS sorbet tubs and Frozen Cocktails in the freezer section of Harrod’s iconic food hall. 


Now you know you can find POPS, here are 5 facts you might not know about Harrods: 


1. Harrod’s Knightsbridge store began in a single room with only a messenger boy and two assistants. The store predominately sold groceries and tea. 


2. In 1883, Harrods store was destroyed by a fire. However, rebuilt to the store we see today. 


3. Let’s not dismiss the elephant in the room. Harrods actually sold elephants at one point along with other exotic animals such from 1890-1970.  


4. In 1989, one of the world’s first escalators appeared in Harrods and today the Knightsbridge store functions across seven floors, selling luxury and everyday products across a massive 1 million square feet at the Knightsbridge store. 


5. Harrods is just a 10-minute walk away from Hyde Park Corner, the largest park in central London and did we mention, the perfect place to enjoy a POPS. 

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