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POPS SERVES: How to be a Sorbet Serving Sensation

Do you want to be a serving sensation? Are you in need of some inspiration? Let us tell you our favourite tips and tricks to serve sorbet... 

In a bowl – The traditional approach

Sometimes the old ways are the best, so if you want a quick and easy way to serve sorbet, then a traditional bowl is suited to you. You can add creativity to this dish, by bringing it to life with colourful and delicious toppings.

In a cone – The classic approach

Whilst sorbet is very different to ice cream, it looks great served in a cone! Not only do they look wonderful, but they are perfect for a summer BBQ or even on the go.

In a glass –The sophisticated approach

If you are hosting a dinner party or aim to impress, serve your sorbet in a cocktail glass. Our ‘Espresso Martini’ sorbets served in a martini glass looks magnificent if we say so ourselves. Similarly, if your relationship with whisky isn’t on the rocks, you should try our ‘Whisky and Orange’ sorbet served in a whisky tumbler.

In fruit – The DIY approach

If you’re making your own sorbet, there’s no need to throw away the fruit. Serve your sorbet in scooped-out fruit such as an orange, lime or lemon. This is guaranteed to impress your guests and may even add to the flavour.

In our tubs – The ‘on-the-go’ approach

Sorbet can be served in a variety of fun ways, but our sorbets are outstanding served as they are in their individual 100ml tubs. They make the perfect portion and even come with a spoon to be enjoyed on the move. What’s not to love?

Happy serving!

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