9 Ways to make your summer corporate event POP

The sun is finally here and you’re planning a fun corporate event – maybe a new product launch, a company anniversary party, a networking event – here’s how to make an unforgettable occasion in the summer!


Welcoming and greeting your guest

Make a lasting impression with your guests by greeting them with an ice-cold POPS lolly. A unique take on the greeting drink, show off your company’s individuality with a different kind of beverage that will make your event stand out.

Images provided by Quirky Balloons and Terracotta & Sage


What to consider when setting up decorations for an event

Make your event super social media friendly with unique decorations your guests will want to snap a pic of! Here are a few fun ways to decorate your venue:

Balloon Designs– Create aesthetically pleasing displays using balloons in your brand colours. If you’re promoting your event with a hashtag, feature it on a big colourful balloon!

Plants – It’s summertime! If you’re holding an event indoors, bring nature inside. Plants and flowers are always a crowd pleaser and are super on theme for the hot weather. Arrange floral displays to make the event more photo-friendly.

Neon Signs – Neon lights are a huge trend in events at the moment – scroll for a few minutes on Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean! There are loads of companies out there who will make custom neon written displays featuring your brand name/product name/promotional hashtag.


Corporate event themes for 2022

A summery theme is the perfect way to make the most of your décor and the glorious weather, here’s some inspiration for theme ideas:

  • Day at the beach
  • Summer holiday
  • Ice cream (don’t forget to invite POPs to the party!)
  • Iconic summer films
  • Jungle
  • Picnic


Company event food inspiration

Summer corporate events are a perfect excuse for some really good food. Think BBQs, food carts and stalls with various summer food- it’s a great way to cater to everyone’s tastes and make sure all your guests’ tummies are happy!

For your guests with a sweet tooth, set up an ice cream stand and keep in with the summer theme. We highly recommend hiring a POPs ice cream van or freezer featuring our tubs of creamy, boozy ice cream- YUM!


Drink inspiration for your summer corporate event

Nothing says summer like ice lollies – and nothing says fun like booze! Combine the two with POPS alcoholic ice lollies. POPS can provide freezers and lollies for your event all wrapped in your signature branding to keep your guests cool and happy.

Some wraps we recently used for a Love Island event – these can be wrapped with your branding for your own summer event.


Picking the background music for events

The music should match your theme. For example, if you’re hosting a picnic themed event, blast some classic summer jams everyone remembers from summers past. You could even hire a band, it adds an extra level of detail that shows your guests you’ve pulled out all the stops to make an enjoyable experience for them.


Best corporate event entertainment ideas

A great way to keep your guests
entertained is with unique and fun activities that everyone can get involved
in. Here are some activity ideas that are guaranteed to keep your attendee’s

  • Create a custom colouring wall – set up a brand focussed
    colouring wall that will engage the inner child in everyone while they absorb
    your company’s core messages
  • Rent some arcade machines – Everybody loves a
    bit of nostalgia in the form of a fun and interactive arcade game. Have the
    games wrapped with your branding to tie everything together.
  • Claw machines – A perfect way to make your event
    interactive. You could fill the machine with your product or just some fun treats people will enjoy


Make your event Instagram worthy

In 2022 social media is dominating the marketing world. Create a catchy hashtag that encapsulates the vibe of your event and encourage guests to Tweet, Instagram and TikTok using your unique phrase. Your hashtag shouldn’t be super long and should be easy to spell – you don’t want people posting with the wrong hashtag! Here are some examples that we would use for a POPs event to give you some ideas:

  • #POPSInThePark
  • #PartyWithPOPS
  • #POPSSummerParty
  • #BBQWithPOPS
  • #SummerFunPOPS


Corporate event gift ideas

This is an especially good idea if your event is a new product launch – give your guest a taster of your product that they can take home and share with their friends, family, and colleagues. While you’re making goody bags, it never hurts to add some tasty treats! Some choccys or sweets with your branding will help to leave a positive lasting impression when your guests fish them out their bags in the days following on from the event.

Goody bags are also a lovely finishing touch to other kind of events – company anniversaries, teambuilding parties etc. It’s a great way of thanking your attendees for coming to your event as well as a super opportunity to showcase products from your suppliers and partners and other brands connected to your company.

We hope our list inspires you when you come to planning your own summer company event

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