Chocolate Orange Twist

New Flavours at POPS

A rich chocolate ice cream with orange liqueur swirl

A unique ice cream flavour with personality to match

We really enjoyed creating unique personalities to accompany each of our new flavours and can’t wait for you to meet them!

Look out for our other blogs introducing the other flavours: Mudslide Brownie and Mint Choc-Tail.

Tasty Treat

Drumroll please… Here is the most important part of our new product introduction- the flavour!

Here’s what you can expect when you taste the delicious Chocolate Orange Twist ice cream.

Creamy and indulgent chocolate ice cream with a zesty orange liqueur swirl. The citrus pop of the orange liqueur pairs perfectly with the deliciously rich chocolate ice cream.

A classic flavour combination brought to life for the modern adult- a yummy, boozy ice cream cocktail you can’t help but keep digging in to.

Meet Chocolate Orange

They’re one to easily fall head over heels in love, a die-hard romantic with a big heart.

People fascinate them and they’ll get gripped by all walks of life.

You’ll find them at party’s getting lost in peoples eyes, hypnotised by their story – if they grab that moment with you, they’ll make you feel more adored than ever before.

Who in your own life pops into your head when you read this? We can think of a few hopeless romantics in our own lives!

Come try for yourself at Lunch!

We are so excited to be launching our new flavours at the Lunch 2022 Expo!

Lunch showcases the best there is in the food to go sector. With many different stands, businesses and activities- there’s something for everyone.

If that hasn’t convinced you, it might interest you to know that we’ll be handing out free samples of our new flavours for you to try!

We’d love to get as many opinions on our new products as possible and Lunch is the perfect environment to do it.

Check out our blog post to find out where you can get your own scoop!

Fact File

Available from Early 2023 in:

  • Theatre tubs
  • 2L & 4L Food Service

Main Ingredients:

  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Orange Liqueur Swirl
  • Chocolate shards