Mint Choc-Tail Cocktail Ice Cream

Mint Choc-Tail Cocktail Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Liqueur Swirl and Shards of Mint Chocolate

Made in the UK our Mint Choc-Tail ice cream is created by combining a minty fresh ice cream with a vodka base and a rich chocolate liqueur swirl. Added texture is found in the mint chocolate shards scattered throughout.

New to the range, we have three delicious new cocktail ice creams containing real alcohol! These come in a variety of sizes perfect for food service and wholesale including 2L, 4L and theatre tubs.

Meet our Mint Choc-Tail

They are one that’s hard to pin down, but each brief encounter leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! They uplift every occasion, freeing up the floor for open-minded ideas. You’ll find them rolling around on their board, chipping into conversation – the perfect guest to inspire those lightbulb moments.

Main ingredients

  • Mint ice cream
  • Vodka
  • Chocolate liqueur swirl
  • Chocolate crisp pieces


  • Refreshing
  • Free spirited
  • Creative


  • 2 Litre scooping tub
  • 4 Litre scooping tub
  • Theatre style mini tubs
Mint Choc-Tail Cocktail Ice Cream with personas

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