Mint Choc-Tail

Exciting new products at POPS

A delicious mint ice cream with rich chocolate liqueur swirl

Each ice cream flavour offers their very own personality...

All four of our new cocktail ice creams are unique, with a persona all of their own, representing the flavour and vibe of the product perfectly.

We’re so excited for you to get to know each of them; Mudslide Brownie, Chocolate Orange Twist and the star of this blog the Mint Choc Tail.

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates introducing the other flavours!

Meet Mint Choc-Tail

The Mint Choc-Tail is designed around those who are fun, refreshing and full of open-minded ideas. Each brief encounter will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world! They uplift every occasion, freeing up the floor for creativity.

You’ll find them rolling around on their board, chipping into conversation – the perfect guest to inspire those lightbulb moments.

They’re unafraid of being different and encourage others to embrace the unique qualities that make them who they are. Always one to stand out, they will wow you with their knowledge of their special interests, always quietly confident and sure of themselves.

We are sure that we all know that friend who possess these refreshing qualities, or perhaps you’re this person in your own friend group.

All of the personas we’ve created to accompany our Tipsy Tubs represent the qualities we admire in the people all around us and the attitudes we hope to see more of in the world.

Launching this September at Lunch!

We will be attending the Lunch 2022 expo in September- an exhibition showcasing the best businesses and products in the food to go industry.

We’ll be at stand L1047 handing out free samples of our new product and would love to get your opinion!

Have a read of our Lunch blog for more info!

How does it taste?

Now you’ve gotten to know Mint Choc-Tail’s unique personality, it’s time to become acquainted with what’s inside the tub!

Cool and fresh mint vodka ice cream with a rich and delicious chocolate liqueur swirl and crisp chocolate pieces.

A fun take on the classic flavour, now made with grown-ups in mind!

A delicate balance of mint and chocolate that is scrumptiously creamy and refreshing at the same time. If you like mint choc chip, you will go nuts for its boozier friend the Mint Choc-Tail.

Mint Choc-Tail Fact File

Available from Early 2023 in:

  • Theatre tubs
  • 2L & 4L Food Service

Main Ingredients:

  • Mint Ice Cream with a vodka base
  • Chocolate Liqueur Swirl
  • Choc Crisp Pieces