Mudslide Brownie Ice Cream

Introducing our Mudslide Brownie! An Irish cream ice cream with coffee liqueur swirl and chocolate brownie pieces.

An exciting new flavour with a smooth attitude…

Each of our new POPS cocktail ice creams have a unique persona that encapsulates the attitude of the flavour itself. We have carefully curated unique characters for each flavour, celebrating the beauty of people and their varying quirks.

Though we’re super excited and would love to talk about all of our new flavours, today we are paying special homage to our Mudslide Brownie, giving you a taster (pardon the pun) of this delicious new ice cream.

Launching this September at Lunch!

Lunch! expo in September is THE event for all food-to-go brands. With a varied mix of different foods, products and businesses, it’s a great exhibition to experience what’s up and coming in the industry.

We will be handing out free samples of our Mudslide Ice Cream, along with our other two new flavours, at stand L1047. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Find out more information about Lunch! HERE.

If our Mudslide Ice Cream was a person…

Smooth in every way, they are a passionate soul and talented dancer. They bring rich conversation to every occasion, leaving you wanting more every time.

They’re a free spirit who plays by their own rules and speaks up for what they believe in. A confident friend who always has your back and brings out the very best in you.

They’re incredibly loyal, kind, intelligent and thoughtful, always coming up with ways to make the people in their life smile.

Their intensity is captivating – you can never really work them out! The only thing you know for sure, is that you want to spend even more moments with them.

Do you have anyone in your life who has Mudslide’s passionate spirit? Maybe you see parts of yourself in their personality?

Flavour Profile

I bet you’re dying to know the most important thing about the Mudslide Brownie Ice Cream – how it tastes!

A lush, velvety Irish Cream ice cream with a boozy coffee liqueur swirl and chunks of rich chewy brownies.

An expertly crafted party of perfectly complimenting flavours that will delight your taste buds.

Smooth and rich, just like our unique mudslide persona, you will experience a comforting and indulgent moment.

Mudslide Ice Cream Fact File

Available from Early 2023 in:

  • Theatre tubs
  • 2L & 4L Food Service

Main Ingredients:

  • Irish Cream Ice Cream
  • Chocolate brownie pieces
  • Coffee liqueur swirl