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Exhibition: Lunch!

Date: 14-15 September 2022

Venue: ExCel London

Stand: L1047 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be attending the Lunch! Event 2022. The Lunch show is a trade show centred around the food-to-go industry featuring the best to-go food the UK has to offer. From large, well established household names to exciting new start-ups, Lunch has a huge variety of businesses and products to explore.

After having such a positive experience attending in 2021, we have decided to return this year, and we’re bringing exciting new products…

You’ve gotten to know and love our signature POPS POPSicles – now get ready for our delicious cocktail inspired boozy ice creams! 

Chocolate Orange Twist

Creamy and indulgent chocolate ice cream with a zesty orange liquor swirl. The citrus pop of the orange liquor pairs perfectly with the deliciously rich chocolate ice cream.

A classic flavour combination brought to life for the modern adult- a yummy, boozy ice cream cocktail you can’t help but keep dipping in to.

mudslide ice creams

Mudslide Brownie

Irish cream & coffee liquor ice cream with coffee liquor swirl & chocolate brownie chunks.

A lush, velvety ice cream with a boozy Irish cream hit and chunks of rich chewy brownies.

An expertly crafted combination of coffee liquor, Irish cream, chocolate liquor, cream and delicious brownie, a party of perfectly complimenting flavours that will delight your taste buds.

Smooth and rich, just like our unique mudslide persona, you will experience a comforting and indulgent moment.

Mint Choc-Tail

Cool and fresh mint vodka ice cream with a rich and delicious chocolate liquor swirl and crisp chocolate pieces.

A fun take on the classic flavour, now made with grown-ups in mind!

A delicate balance of mint and chocolate that is scrumptiously creamy and refreshing at the same time. If you like mint choc chip, you will go nuts for its boozier friend the Mint Choc-Tail.


Meet the Personas

Our tipsy tubs each feature a distinctive persona that perfectly represents the vibes of the flavours. Each character has their own personality and story that makes them unique- you’re guaranteed to see a bit of yourself, and the important people in your life, in our characters.

To find out more about the new flavours and their personas, check out our Mudslide Brownie, Mint Choc-Tail and Chocolate Orange Twist blogs!

Come try some

Sound yummy? We’ll be scooping up a storm at Lunch and hope to get your opinions on our new flavours- so come say hello and have a scoop on us!


Wednesday: Andrew Ashby, Nick Handy, Sam Drewer, Sophie Williams and Sarah Heath

Thursday: Andrew Ashby, Nick Handy, Sam Drewer, Sophie Williams and Sarah Heath

Come say hello!